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Top 10 Latest Wedding Photography Trends for 2020 | Forever Creations

Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials! We love seeing new couples walk down the aisle toward the rest of their life together. Wedding photography trends are evolving and, If you’re getting married in 2020, there are many more options to choose from than just someone with a tripod taking stiff pictures of your family before the drinks start.

Wedding photographers in Canada and around the world are getting more creative and inspired in how they take their images. Here are some of the trends we look forward to seeing more of in 2020:

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Monochrome Images. Although it wasn’t long ago that all weddings were shot this way, the rising trend of ditching the colour is leading to many timeless creations. We may not see the world in black and white, but it can definitely add a smooth feel to your special day. Monochrome images allow the photographer to cut out distractions and focus on light and emotion both from within the subjects and in the background.

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First Look Photos. They’ve been popular for quite a while now and there’s a reason many couples press to capture those images of their parents, future mothers-in-law, or any other cherished loved one’s first look at the bride and groom in their wedding outfits. Often, the bride is distracted by nerves and everyone around her – and the groom is distracted by the beautiful bride – so it’s touching to be able to relook at these moments later.

Day After shoot

Day After Shoots. The hecticness of the main event, drunk uncles and stress, can sometimes get in the way of shooting the best images. Many couples are dawning their wedding attire for one more day so they can relive a few moments without the bustle around them. It’s also a perfect opportunity to switch locations, especially if most of your wedding was set indoors. Hey, some amazing, timeless photos can be shot while out in the snow.

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Latest Wedding Photography Trends for 2020

Multiple Photographers. It’s highly difficult for one photographer to shoot every moment of your wedding; they can’t be in two places at once. Hiring a second photographer to be where the first one can’t, ensures that the happy couple is getting images at every important moment and at every angle.

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Selfie Stations. During the reception, your family and friends will most likely begin taking out their phones and cameras to take photos together. Adding a selfie station is becoming an increasingly popular method of couples preparing their favourite people with classy backdrops, etc.

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Drone Photos. If you’re hoping to catch a shot of all your guests and wedding party, drones are becoming a trendy way of adding various more shot angles to your wedding album. They capture the atmosphere of your wedding and allow photographers to get creative in their aspects by adding an aerial perception.

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Reportage/Documentary Images. Those candid, unprompted images are often those ones most treasured. Although posed images are still one of the best ways to photograph the best day of your life, an added documentary style will ensure we get every valuable tear, smile and hug during the big day.

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Emotional Moments. Of course, there’s no denying that every image we capture of your wedding will be treasured, however, there is the growing popularity of emotional moments over posed ones being used in albums and being shared on social media and in wedding announcements.

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Banning Cell Phones. What used to be something couples frustratingly ignored, more are choosing to announce a no-cell phone rule before the ceremony starts. It can be frustrating for both photographers and the newlyweds to miss out on amazing moments because family members were reaching their hands out at weird angles to try and get their own shots.


  • Shooting Every Detail. The guests and wedding party are definitely the main focus of every wedding photographer (especially the happy couple), but capturing even the smaller features of the decor, etc. is also becoming popular. If a couple can splurge a few more dollars to get even more images, they’ll often use them to share on social media and remember every tiny detail years from now when they celebrate their golden years. 

Have we sparked some creative ideas for your upcoming weddings? Reach out today to let us start brainstorming with you!

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