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As photographers, one of our favourite type of photoshoots to do are for engagements. For the people behind the camera, engagement shoots or “e-shoots” can be a relaxed way to get to know and let a couple feel comfortable with them — something crucial for the big wedding day! In front of the camera, e-shoots can be an opportunity to get more casual photos with your partner without any time restraints or checklists that wedding day photography may provide.

Everyone can agree that these sessions are lots of fun, but during that initial excitement of booking their photoshoot, couples can feel a harrowing question starting to loom over them… What do I wear?! 

1. Wear something comfortable. 

You could be sitting down, standing up, jumping, climbing… or even with a horse! Be sure to wear something that you know you will be able to move around in freely and without worrying if something is falling off or coming undone. Most of all, we want you to look happy and stress- free in the photos, and wearing something itchy or tight will definitely not help!

2. Consider casual options. 

You’re not going to be going casual on your wedding day, so if you are eager to get photos done in your favourite snapback, now might be the time. It could also be nice, years down the line, to have a mix of professional photos with your partner. You’re already going to have the ultra-glam photos from your wedding day, so why not mix it up?

3. Think about layers and accessories. 

Bringing a lot of outfits to a shoot can cause stress about fitting them all in… And where do you change in the middle of the forest? The best thing to do to if you want to change your look up a bit without causing too much worry is to add layers or accessories that can be taken on and off easily. Think about a jacket or a scarf. If you are really eager to bring a change of clothes, think about just bringing an extra shirt that you can easily slip into.

4. Think about your patterns. 

Clothing with small, intricate patterns or thin stripes can make a viewer strain their eyes. Sometimes, complicated patterns can even cause a distortion or “glitchy” look. Try to stick with solid colours or simple patterns to keep all the attention on you.

5. Compliment your partner’s outfit. 

One of the most common things photographers say about engagement photos is that matching outfits can look corny. However, it does look great if your partner’s outfit compliments yours. Think about, like in the above photo, having a similar colour for a tie and a dress. And of course, if your partner is going to be dressed up, you should be as well.

6. Think about looking at your photos in 10 years.

You want your photos to look timeless, so stray away from fads that might go out of style in a few months. The last thing you want is to look at your photos and think Did I really wear that?”

7. Consider how you want your ring photos to look. 

We will definitely want to get a photo of the engagement ring, so if you want to be really prepared, think about how you want your hand to look. Maybe take off any other rings or bracelets on your left hand to make the ring be the main focus of the photo.

8. Look at other sites and photos.

Check out some engagement photos on Pinterest, Instagram, or photographer’s websites. See what other couples have worn in their photos. This can also give you some ideas for certain poses or locations that you would love to try out in your own photos.

9. What does your partner love seeing you in?

Is there a certain outfit that you love seeing your partner wear, or you know that they love? Perhaps you could wear something that they gifted you, or what you wore on a special date. Think about outfits that have significance to you and your partner.

10. Think beyond just engagement photos. What looks best on you? 

Embrace your true style and what you look good in. Everybody has a different body type and fashion preferences. You know your body best, so wear what you want on it!


Whatever you end up wearing for your engagement shoot session, the most important thing is to have fun with your partner. You will be able to tell if you are having a good time, and that is ultimately what makes for the most beautiful photos.


All the photos featured in this post are by Forever Creations, located in the Greater Toronto Area. 

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