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You say I DO, and they do and do and do — what wedding videographers and photographers put into you special day

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful wedding. Unfortunately, after the ceremony had ended, nobody got to experience it ever again. This was because the cost of a quality photographer and videographer seemed way too high. The result? The now married couple were not able to relive that moment when they first saw each other from opposite ends of the aisle. The great-aunt who was too sick to travel never got to see her darling great-niece tie the knot. The moment when the four-year-old page boy dropped the ring? Well, that was lost forever, living only in the memories of some of the guests. All because the expense of hiring a top-notch professional videographer and photographer seemed too high.

Is that how you would like your wedding story to go? I’m guessing, probably not. The importance of hiring a professional videographer and photographer for your wedding can’t be overstated. Their role is to ensure that the story of your wedding lasts as long as your lives together.

I know, I know. It’s expensive. I mean, have you seen what they charge?! And planning a wedding is anything but cheap. It seems as if around every corner a new cost jumps out at you and yells, “Surprise!” The last thing you need is another thing to dent your bank account.

Before you make the decision, consider this — perhaps quality videographers and photographers charge seemingly high rates because what they do is far from a simple task. Immortalizing your day in a way that does it justice is time-consuming and requires extreme skill and effort.

Here are five of the ways in which wedding videographers and photographers work hard to make sure your memories live on.

1. Your satisfaction is more important to them than any monetary value.

Any top-notch professional videographer or photographer will care deeply about the quality of their product. They look at their work as more of a calling than just another job. Their mission is to bring your day to life in the best possible way, and they take great pride in doing this with accuracy and proficiency. Yes, they must be compensated for their efforts, but their first loyalty is to the artistry they are able to bring to the task. Their reward is your satisfaction.

2. Like you, they put a lot of planning into a wedding.

We know, it only took you twenty seconds to take a photo on your phone and load it to Instagram, so what’s all the fuss? Since we can all take photos and record videos with a simple click, it may be difficult to understand that a lot of planning goes into capturing a wedding professionally. Much researching and scheduling is needed to compose a worthwhile product. Photographers and videographers must ensure that all the details of the big day are captured, from the delicately folded napkins, to the tear in the mother-of-the-bride’s eye. To do this, they need to map out a strategic game plan beforehand, knowing where they must be at each moment of the ceremony. Both your wedding photographer and videographer will want to meet with you beforehand to determine what style best captures the story of your love. They’ll also need a plan of the day’s event so that they can coordinate their movements accordingly. Their jobs are far more involved than simply arriving on the day and snapping away.

3. The early bird catches the worm; the early photographer captures the bride.

You may have been witness to it. The wedding is starting in three hours. Bridesmaids flap and pamper, flowers are arranged, deep breaths are taken, glasses are clinked — and there to capture it all are your trusty photographer and videographer. They don’t miss a second of the build up to your big day. They get to know the ins and outs of the wedding venue, and what angles work best. Most importantly, they spend time with you, the couple. The build up to the ceremony is all part of your wedding story.

4. They put in hours of editing time to recreate your picture-perfect day.

Editing professional photographs and video is a little more complex than snapping on a filter. Hours go into deciding which photos best tell the story. Once the photographs and video clips are selected, further time is spent on colourizing, framing and tweaking. Tulle and Tweed Photography in Edmonton break down how much time they spend on weddings, including prep, setup, travel time and editing. If an engagement shoot is included, they estimate it to be around 73.5 hours. If you look at it from this perspective, it’s not hard to justify the cost involved.

5. Because of them, you get to relive your day, over and over again.

Remember all that hard work you put into those name cards for each guest? Whether it’s your bouquet, your dress, the food, or your garter, you will want to revisit all the elements that made up your wedding day for years to come. Then of course there is the most important element of your celebration — your friends and family.  Having a record of all the special people in your life, together in one place to witness your love, is invaluable.

Take time to research the best photographers and videographers in your area, safe in the knowledge that this is an investment you won’t regret making. When you are flipping through images in years to come, you will have no doubt that hiring creative professionals to capture your day was the right choice to make.

You can thank us later. ?

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