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Finding and working with a photography team may seem overwhelming for a lot of brides and grooms-to-be. It is likely the first and only time for someone to be hiring an event photographer, and the first thing that clients often tell us on the phone is, “I don’t really know much about all this…” Luckily, we’ve got your back in helping you secure the perfect photographer for your big day! Check out Forever Creation’s list of tips for searching for your wedding photographer…

1. It is most reliable to book a photography company or full-time freelancer.

While a lot of part-time freelancers may seem tempting to book with low prices, a lot can have hidden fees. They may not include tax or remind clients that they must pay tax, and they may not be accustomed to including travel or accommodation costs in their quotes. More importantly, however, it is crucial to note that many of our inquiries are last-minute clients searching for a photographer after theirs cancelled. The benefit to booking a company is that the business is dedicated full-time to weddings, not another job, and a big reputation is on the line. If something happens to the original plans, they will go even into their own pockets to be able to uphold their reputation and standard in photography. More than one photographer is often supplied to ensure that all moments are captured when booking with a company as well.

2. Hire a company that does both photography and videography.

If you are considering getting videography done as well, it is best to book with the same company. Photographers and videographers have to do a lot of collaboration on the wedding day, and hiring one company guarantees proper planning and coordination between the two. Furthermore, a lot of companies can offer special deals if you book both photography and videography together!

3. Ask about editing and delivery.

It may seem like it doesn’t matter for you to know, but it is important that clients know a little bit about editing and typical delivery times for photography. For example, ask if your photographer will edit just light and colours in the photo (which a lot of photographers do) or if they will also remove any blemishes—or even edit the landscape or scenary—in the photo. Some photographers don’t even edit the photos at all.

How will the photographer deliver the photos? Online, through USB? How many photos will they deliver? Be warned: some photographers can guarantee over one thousand photos of the day, but this may sacrifice quality and editing time. Our editors can spend over 45 minutes editing a photo, and it is important to consider both editing and delivery together.

4. See if they know your wedding. 

Cultures, religions, and sexualities guarantee a different type of wedding, and it is good to ask your photographer if they have experience with a specific type of wedding. Check out their portfolio and see if you can see yourself and your spouse in those pictures.

5. Brides- don’t take on all the responsibility!

The vast majority of inquires for photographers are from just one side of the partnership—usually a bride. If you are feeling overwhelmed or stuck between a couple photographers, make sure that your spouse gives input or helps with asking questions. It is also good for both spouses to meet or speak with the photographer to make sure that everyone is comfortable. Getting along well with your photographer can make the day go by much better, and being able to truly be yourself with your spouse with a photographer present can result in some incredible candid shots.

6. If you are unsure, arrange a meeting.

If they aren’t willing to meet in person, they aren’t the one. Serious photographers will go out of their way to meet a prospective client to see if they would be a good fit, and meeting with one photographer may give you insight into what questions to ask another.


Hopefully these tips can help you out. While you are searching, check out our portfolio at

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